Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcoming a CIA Official at Fordham

By Debra Sweet
March 28, 2010

I'm not sure what was worse; sitting in an auditorium for a speech by the head of CIA clandestine operations, or having most of the audience give a standing ovation afterward. There were some low points in between, too.

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Tom said...

Mr. McGovern appeared at my University (Kansas State) and in addition to a large speaking engagement at the Student Union, spoke in multiple classes. Despite facing low turnout at the Union lecture it was my impression that Mr. McGovern got a warm and respectful reception.
Its no secret that K-State is a conservative University, but I am deeply saddened to read that Mr. McGovern was treated so disrespectfully at his Alma Mater.
Thank you Mr. McGovern, for your courage and dedication. Come back to K-State anytime.

Mike said...

Ohhhh ... an article about the "evils" of the CIA from a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, how "edgy". I wonder how many of her talking points came directly from Comrade Avakian himself.

John L.Opperman said...

Mike would be wise to keep his lame ignorance to himself rather than broadcasting it. He obviously hasn't a clue what the RCParty is about, but then dumb has never bothered koolaide drinkers. They generally just repeat whatever shit has been shoveled down their throats without ever using whatever residual brains they may have.
~John L.