Sunday, May 23, 2010

Behind the Texas Textbook Massacre

By Rosemarie Jackowski
May 23, 2010

The missing part of the news report about the Texas textbook fiasco is that this is not new news. History textbooks used in most U.S. schools have been suspect for decades.

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Brian said...

Well, to be fair, what's called the Massacre at No Gun Ri doesn't hold up to scrutiny.

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That said, I recognize the general ignorance Americans have of the Korean war, and of Korea in general. There are plenty of examples of the US being the bad guy, though, that there's no need to fabricate ones as some have done regarding the "massacre."

Brian said...

Let's try the link again:

Mike said...

What did that disjointed semi-literate rant have to do with proposed changes to schoolbook material in Texas? The day someone makes my child read Zinn or Blum is the day the second American revolution begins.