Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day's Troubling Message

By Gary G. Kohls
May 27, 2010

During my rural Minnesota growing up years, I rarely missed a Memorial Day parade or the traditional civic service honoring the war dead that followed the parade.

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Florence Chan said...

Every visit to the Yasukuni Shrine by the Japanese prime minister arouses wide criticisms from all over Asia. Why? Because paying tribute to the war dead enshrined there, including class A war criminals in WWII, is considered a refusal to acknowledge past mistakes.

I'm sure the same sentiment is shared by the relatives of civilians killed in airstrikes in Afghanistan when they see our Memorial Day celebrations.

Pedro C. HInde said...

Memorial Day. I agree with Dr. Kohl and Chris Hedges. As a Vet from WWII and 45 years of solidarity work in and with Latin America I find most celebrations play on the emotions and patriotic sentiments simply to justify our on-going wars to support corporate agendas. If we spoke truth our allegance is to the flag and to the corporations for which it now stands. A betrayal of our origins and birthright.