Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Daze: Quandary of Empire

By Philip A Ferruggio
May 29, 2010

Hitler’s German army invaded and occupied Poland. Many soldiers were killed. The Japanese invaded and occupied Nanking and Shanghai. They had many soldiers killed. The same for the British when they occupied India and Palestine.

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Florence Chan said...

"How would you like it if the Chinese had a military base in your town?"
I'm sure what most Americans would say:
We're different. We're exceptional. Our government is democratically elected. Our presence is good for their town.

So there.

Anonymous said...

All for ... lies and empire!

So true

With so many neocons & paid propagandists in the MSM Americans have become hypnotized into believing.

1. A War of Terror is necessary.

2. The US must spread Democracy where "it is needed".

3. The interests of the US are the same as those of Israel.

The US support for Israel's over 60 year occupation & ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is a shame that Americans have never faced.

Americans are not told that their illegal invasion of Iraq was the climax of a 20 year Holocaust on the Iraqi people.

War is EVIL but it is made politically & sympathetically correct to "celebrate" the loss of "so many brave" participants.

WWI & WWII were totally unnecessary as was Vietnam & Iraq.

P.S. Sp many many tons of Depleted Uranium deposited by America in the the Islamic World is probably the most shameful secret kept from the American People in recent times.

Anonymous said...

This is so true. But those of us that think that way are in the minority.

I respect the sacrifice that the soldiers are making but, not for my freedom, not for my security and not in my name, please.

Our militaristic society has made, or the corporate controlled MSM has made, an object of cult of the
soldier, an elevated idol for us to
bow down to.

I beg to differ. And I thank Florence Chan for bringing a voice of dissent amidst the chorus of compliant voices.

Jay Diamond said...

A profound statement of squirm inducing truth and awareness that every American should read and think about hard.