Monday, May 03, 2010

Fraud: America's New Watchword

By Mark Ames
May 3, 2010

Ever since I got kicked out of Russia and forced back home, I’ve been collecting all kinds of news articles about fraud, in a document file titled “America Is Russia.” Here’s a little taste of the wonderful world of American Fraud:

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Anonymous said...

Whoa! What an article!
I applaud!

Anonymous said...


Mark, come back to Russia, we need you.

Anonymous said...

Kicked out of Russia? OK, however, you perpetrated the same fraud on obtaining donations for a new site that you had already purchased prior to even announcing you were being kicked out. Not only that, but you kept the scam going every day begging people to donate to keep you alive even though you already bought your domain on the cheap for 7.00 USD.

I don't know Mark, I think you have good intentions at times, but you failed when you scammed so many people out of money for the new site when you already had it ready to go before you left. Also, wasn't it really about your partner and you having a fallout that caused you to leave when you lost your benefactor and protection from that partner?

Didn't he tell you to get out of Russia quick? Didn't he also own your main domain which is why you had to rename it because he wouldn't give it to you? And wasn't all this talk about being booted out of Russia just a business disagreement over your constant whoring and making the paper pay for it while you shot paperclips at the ceiling wondering what story to cover next?

Wasn't it really about your failures as an editor that caused your eventual demise when readership was declining and your inane stories started getting totally out of hand with each new story sounding worse than the previous ones?

I think that was a fraud on your part in and of itself. And the fact that you keep telling that fraudulent story after all these years makes you a true fraud for those who were around when the proverbial excrement (which was you) finally hit the fan.

Just sayin...