Saturday, May 08, 2010

Kent State & the Left's Lack of Resolve

By Michael Winship
May 8, 2010

I was a freshman at Georgetown University when it happened, 40 years ago on May 4.

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LJansen said...

Obviously, people are believing their own eyes and wondering to whom they should appeal for an end to the wars, financial rape of the country, homelessness, etc.

Why demonstrate when you know the Congress and the White House are wearing soundproof helmets with goggles that only allow them to see the green stacking up in their bank accounts from the profits of the military industrial complex.

The leadership of the antiwar movement was bankrupt in its reliance on the Democratic Party to save them. Now it is befuddled.

Until people realize they must organize independent of the fraudsters in the two-headed corporate party, we will not be able to stop any of these depredations!