Thursday, May 06, 2010

Key October Surprise Evidence Hidden

By Robert Parry
May 6, 2010

A Russian government report, which corroborated allegations that Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign interfered with President Jimmy Carter’s Iran-hostage negotiations in 1980, was apparently kept from the Democratic chairman of a congressional task force that investigated the charges a dozen years later.

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Un po' di veritĂ  su economia e finanza... said...

Ernest BACKES in the book 'Revelation$' (2001) explain how the ransom was paid through the Luxemburg Clearstream Bank (former CEDEL) accounts. Here is an article form Lucy Komisar:
Clearstream: Explosive Revelation$

me said...

Judging by both the recent email and the letter on Congressional stationery, for a supposedly educated man, this Barcella fellow seems to have a marked lack of command of English grammar and spelling.

In my experience, I have found that to be a fairly reliable indicator of both sub-par intelligence and political conservatism. I don't trust him.