Saturday, July 10, 2010

Speaking Up for the Expendables

By the Rev. Howard Bess
July 10, 2010

I serve on the Board of Directors of Palmer (Alaska) Arts Council, which every year facilitates dozens of events featuring music, drama, poetry, films and art, including popular summer programs for children theatre culminating in the presentation of plays.

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John L.Opperman said...

I've had to wonder why YOU have a regular collumn here to spread your mushy feelgood pap. YOU know damn well "jesus'" primary utterences were to the effect of "Kiss my ass or suffer enternally..."
Readers should READ what their bibles actually SAY instead of swallowing these hucksters' fairy tails of majik and snake oil.
~John L.

rosemerry said...

There are still UN "just war" rules, which would easily rule out many of the USA's recent incursions, including Iraq of course, and Afhanistan. The main rule is that war should be a last resort. Surely a Christian should be basically anti-war under these conditions?

david said...

His e-mail is not corect it appears.

The Rev. Howard Bess is a retired American Baptist minister, who lives in Palmer, Alaska. His email address is

david said...

Dear Rev. Howard Bess
Interesting article or shall I say a parable
''Speaking Up for the Expendables
Many Christians have forgotten a core teaching of Jesus, says Rev. Howard Bess, to identify with the "least of these." July 10, 2010''
My ancestors gave you Christianity 2500 years ago and nothing has changed,same with Islam of 1400 years,except that all religions have been genocidal.
Humanity has to wait for another 2500 years of parables I suppose to get it right whilst every SECOND a child has to die in order to service the toxic loans imposed on Third World countries, the capital having been paid several times over.
While it costs millions and millions to preach the pauper Christ message.
Don't you think a different message is due.?
Love and Peace
God bless you