Sunday, July 11, 2010

Who Goes to Jail? BP CEO or Shrimper

By Dennis Bernstein
July 11, 2010

On June 17, after watching BP’s oil blowout pollute the Gulf of Mexico for nearly two months, environmental campaigner and fourth-generation Texas shrimp boat captain, Diane Wilson, had had more than enough.

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M Henri Day said...

Who, indeed, is going to pay for the the negligence shown and the crimes committed in the lead-up to this particular environmental disaster - one, it should be noted, of many ? Or, to pose the same question in other words, whom is the so-called «justice system» designed to serve ? Three guesses, two of which are superfluous....


rosemerry said...

What a wonderful woman!!! let us hope that the US has courts which recognise the value of actions to stop even worse actions, as in the UK where activists destroyed military material destined for Israel to use in Gaza. They were all freed, as has happened several times in UK, although the damage they caused was serious but was done with an important purpose: to prevent worse happening.

Sue Leni said...

They are going to sentence Diane Wilson the max penalty. They will try and make an example out of her to stop the rest of the sane people in this insane world from fighting the destruction of our home, this earth. This type of pollution is happening on land also. Same thing, only aquifers air and earth are being affected. The marcellus shale, barnett, and others all across the usa. Wyoming, Colorado, New York, PA, TX, Montana, New Mexico, West VIrginia, etc........Stop them before there is no place to live and everything is dead. I certainly don't see anyone in BP in prison yet. They and other negligent corporations control and are destroying the world. Stop them. In the streets. It's the only way. Our government is too corrupt. They are owned by these corporations. No Drill, No Spill.

Anonymous said...

It is shameful that BP is going to get away with murder, and Diane Wilson, for being brave and do what all of us should have done, is going to prison.
This shows who the power really is, and where the loyalties of our government really are. All about profits, all about money.....the rest is expendable.
How much longer are we going to put up with this? Will we wait until there is no planet for our children to live on? until we have become the servants of the capital? devoid of dignity and human rights?
Are we going to wake up? Is not US the world power? And, what about now? Your country had allowed BP to poison the Planet and...what are you going to do? You the World Power?