Sunday, September 26, 2010

Big Media Won't Forgive Colbert

By Jeff Cohen
September 26, 2010

Let's face it: Some in the Washington press corps still resent Stephen Colbert because he so brilliantly lampooned them to their faces at the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner over their coziness with the Bush White House.

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BIg Em said...

Jeff Cohen makes an excellent point about the hypocrisy of the MSM journalists criticizing Colbert for 'trivializing an important subject' that THEY themselves don't have time to cover, presumably because it's NOT important enough to them (too many other puff-pieces to put on?). Just as Colbert appears in-character, the MSM 'journalists' like to adopt an air or gravitas/'defenders-of-the-four-estate' when they feel threatened/exposed, but otherwise they're just paid to look telegenic and read scraps from the AP crawl lines. They offer NO useful history or context to the news, and just adhere to simple sensationalistic standards ('if it bleeds, it leads', etc). Just once I would like to see MSM 'journalists' do what Stewart/Colbert do for laughs - - contrast the PRESENT words of politicians (left/right/independent - - play no favorites) with their HISTORICAL words on the same subject. That would at least tell us if that politician was consistent, which would be a start on the road to being able to effectively evaluate them.

Ethan Allen said...

I completely identify and agree with both Jeff Cohen and the comment by "Big Em", regarding the serial hypocrisy and phony righteous indignation of the corporate media stenographers and propagandists; these people are not journalists in any sense of the term!
No less a journalist than Robert Parry himself wrote in 2006, following a similar feigned outrage by these media whores:
"In such a world, the Washington Post also might find better use for its treasured space on its Op-Ed page than giving it over to a columnist who favors decorum over accountability. The Post might even hire a columnist who would object less to a sharp-tongued comedian lampooning a politician and complain more about a President who disdains domestic and international law, who tolerates abusive treatment of prisoners, and who inflicts mayhem on a nation thousands of miles away that was not threatening the United States.

Only the likes of Richard Cohen could see George W. Bush as the victim and Stephen Colbert as the bully."

Anonymous said...

Sometime during the 1950's Edward R Murrow presented "Harvest of Shame". Almost 60 years later nothing has changed. When will it end?