Monday, September 27, 2010

Must Christianity Dominate America?

By the Rev. Howard Bess
September 27, 2010

One of the great sins of Christianity over the centuries is that it has sought dominance over believers in other religions as well as non-believers.

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Dr. Kiss Injure said...

At this late date, everyone in the US should know that the country was founded and run by Freemasons. The ruling class of Freemasons (or Illuminati - aka OTO headquartered in Berlin) use Christianity as a false front in their pseudo-operations against the citizenry.

In addition, Studying "Free-Masons..."(well, using an occult method of radical connectivity) one might be lead to believe they like throwing bricks through windows of buildings they themselves originally constructed.

Ethan Allen said...

Rather the pacifist "servitude" approach, as espoused by the good reverend, or the subjective "dominionist" extrapulation is followed, is a matter for debate within the linear confines of the followers of which ever monotheistic cult chooses to debate the point.
The founding charter of our society, the Constitution, both protects its citizens from such beliefs, and protects those who follow such beliefs as long as they, in so doing, do not violate the rights of those who believe otherwise.
The very same protections apply equally to all other cults, regardless of their extremist beliefs and/or hyperbolic revisionism.

Morton Kurzweil said...

The religions based on biblical mythology are adaptations of herd and farming tribal cultures.
Beliefs evolved from pagan gods to male and female deities, then to one God with undivided power.
The result was not "calling of the people of God is to be a servant people", but the call to be a subservient people controlled by a religious elite. Every nation that adapted this form of belief did so maintain an elite aristocracy with divine mandate.
The promise of paradise and the fear of retribution in some after life was enough to control whole populations until failed economies, plague, or lost wars denuded the lands and brought reason to some of the people.
Fear of strangers and belief in divine mandate are the chief signs of religious control.

rosemerry said...

I was raised as a Catholic in Australia, and at no time was I taught to hate or despise any other beliefs or their practititioners. I cannot understand how the dispensationalists in the USA can claim to be at all as Christ wanted, and even less how they support the Zionists while wishing for the destruction of Jews, as well as "bad Christians". Despite problems, the emphasis on laicism here in France is something which makes for peace and fairness.

Bittercat said...

Dr. Kiss, I am afraid you are very mixed up. The Freemasons and the OTO are two completely different organizations. While there may be some overlap--a Thelemite may be a Mason, as well--they have nothing to do with one another. Please get your facts straight before spouting off and being hateful.

As a non-christian, I WELCOME emergents! The Christian movement needs a dose of sanity--or at least of balance--and the good folks of the emergent movement may well be God's way of making that happen. The Dominionists are dangerous and nuts!