Thursday, October 28, 2010

Did Rove's Protege Puff-up Resume?

By Richard L. Fricker
October 28, 2010 (Originally posted April 3, 2007)

Little Rock’s interim U.S. Attorney J. Timothy Griffin – already at the center of a firestorm over whether the White House has put politics ahead of prosecutorial integrity – made claims about his experience as an Army lawyer that have been put in doubt by military records.

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boxer said...

This "Grifter" character is a sleazeball who should be indicted for lying, especially to gain such a powerfull and unaccountable position. This should be headline news and I thank Mr. Fricker for his reportage. I have been before prosecutors and judges while they suborned perjury from police officers and complainants, manufactured evidence, altered a 911 emergency recording, all so they could punish me for protesting a State Cop who ran a stop sign, killing two sisters. It's on the web; Higbee/Becker sisters. The point is, inspite of motions and appeals (pro se because no lawyer would take the case) citing blantant
malfeasance and prosecutorial misconduct and prejudicial prosecution involving the States Attorney General, and the FBI (both of which ignored and mocked me). There was no recourse, no justice for me. A corrupt man given power that is virtually unchecked, he is going to subject a lot of poor and powerless folks to so serious injustice.