Sunday, October 24, 2010

Records Cast Doubt on Iraq 'Surge'

By Robert Parry
October 24, 2010

Besides offering new details about the horrors that George W. Bush’s invasion unleashed on Iraq – where a severed head could be casually tossed into a busy intersection – the nearly 400,000 pages of secret U.S. military records released by WikiLeaks show that a variety of factors beyond Bush’s much-touted “surge” in 2007 contributed to the gradual drop in violence.

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rosemerry said...

Since the whole invasion and occupation were illegal, to call resisters "insurgents" and to target "military age males", as well as all the other atrocities, condemn the "coalition" unconditionally. AlQaida and other foreign fighters were never allowed (or needed) under Saddam, when the West supported the terrible dictator for so many years.