Thursday, October 28, 2010

WPost's Blinders on Afghan War

By Robert Parry
October 28, 2010

Sometimes when perusing the Washington Post’s editorials, you have to wonder if the editors read their own newspaper’s reporting or perhaps they just look at what reinforces their preconceived opinions – as just occurred regarding Afghan War progress.

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rosemerry said...

Ellen Knickmeye was WPost Bureau chief in Baghdad in Feb 22, 2006 when the mosque at Samarra was bombed and unleashed terrible carnage. She detailed what she saw, was vilified for doing so; she saw the lies accepted from CIA chief Casey,who said there was calm in the streets.She documented the deaths but was ignored, and she was their chief in Baghdad at the time! Sorry I do not know how to post links, but her article is found in Daily Beast 26 Oct 2010 or in ICH.