Monday, December 06, 2010

Ellsberg Calls for Boycott of Amazon

By Daniel Ellsberg
December 6, 2010

I hope you will join me and others in boycotting Amazon -- inconvenient as that may be -- to provide some counter-pressure to efforts by Senator Lieberman and the Administration to demonize, hound, block and prosecute Wikileaks, and ultimately to control whistleblowing and dissent on the Internet.

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clubdancer said...

Me too, although I've taken Amazon links off my website already for another reason. Amazon lists my site as producing sales over time but they never pay me the small amount for bringing them sales through my site. Unlike Google, which waits until the amount adds up to a hundred or more dollars and then sends me a check in the mail, Amazon, requires their minimum amount to be made in a standard period or the account owed (to me) goes back to zero. So for little guys like me they get a free ride.

Scott Griffith said...

Not just Amazon, what about including PayPal in the boycott?