Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Obama Aids His Enemies on Tax Deal

By Michael Winship
December 8, 2010

There’s this old joke about the French Revolution. A group of prisoners is lined up before the guillotine. One by one, their heads are lopped off. Then, the next man is put in place. The lever is pulled, but the blade stops just inches above his neck.

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JonnyJames said...

His enemies?

Mr. Winship needs to re-read some Howard Zinn, Chomsky, C. Johnson, Chris Hedges, Steven Hill, Sheldon Wolin and others.

The "Bipartisan Consensus" has been in place for many many years, yet folks like Parry, Wiship and other ivory-tower progressives still believe in the underlying assumption that they Ds and Rs represent different intersts.

Re-visit George Carlin on this issue, he states the case crudely, riddled with vulgar language, yet with spon-on accuracy.