Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Replacing 'They Decade' with Can-Do

By Mort Rosenblum
December 21, 2010

America's “They Decade” is ending, and it is time to heed Edmund Burke. Evil happens when good men do nothing.

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James Young said...

The problem here is with the premise: that they who endorse this ideology are "good" men.

JonnyJames said...

While some of the observations that the author makes are accurate in my view, there are some problems.

Warren Buffet is hardly a hero and our democratic processes and institutions have been thoroughly captured (hijacked, or whatever metaphor one wishes) by Oligarchic power. (Banksters/Insurance, BigOil Military Insustrial Complex, Media/Internet, BigPharma etc.)

In order to "bring back" some sort of genuine democratic process, a complete overhaul of the legal framework, institutions and democratic processes will be necessary.

Believing that a thoroughly immoral and corrupted system will correct itself, not only flies in the face of the facts (and historical precedent) but it is irrational.

With that said, the article claims that it is our fault that this has happened. Personal responsibility is always a factor, however I think that this statement takes much of the blame away from the perpetrators and places it on the victims. Besides, it is much more complex than blaming the victims of a system that only offers two pre-selcted big-money choices: evil or slightly less evil.

At the end of the day we are left with evil.

History clearly shows that social justice is only brought about by massive collective action and civil disobedience. Simply voting for the lesser of two evils in a carefully media-orchestrated electoral process is clearly not effective.