Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WikiLeaks and the Fight for Privacy

By Nat Parry
December 23, 2010

Everyone should enjoy a basic right to privacy, according to one of the more compelling arguments against WikiLeaks’ “megaleak” of over 250,000 diplomatic cables.

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rosemerry said...

I find it sad that the US, in its mad search for "the enemy", has to make such a fuss about terrorism, the way it did about "communists" for so many years.There are real problems in the world, which the US is exacerbating: global warming, militarisation, inequality, poverty, environmental destruction on a huge scale.... Terrorism has a reason- groups have genuine concerns not being addressed, bu the US sees such a small range of possible reactions, and pounces on ludicrous tiny examples like the Xmas Day Castrato instead of trying to solve problems. Keeping out of other people's business instead of dominating the world would be a good idea.

Dutty said...

Nice job Nat! What a glaring contradiction between what good for the goose and what's good for the gander! WikiLeaks is the best thing that ever happened to America in the 21st century. What luck we're having!

voluntaryist said...

Soon (within a few years) it will become obvious that any citizen who opposes anything the gov does will be a "terrorist" and subject to kidnapping, torture, and murder. We got the society we deserved by our permissiveness and double standard of morality toward government.