Monday, December 20, 2010

Thoughts at the White House Fence

By Ray McGovern
December 20, 2010

“Show me your company, and I’ll tell you who you are,” my grandmother would often say with a light Irish lilt but a heavy emphasis, an admonition about taking care in choosing what company you keep.

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4 comments: said...

i'm almost paralyzed in a good way contemplating the plethora of heroes of mine who chained themselves to the WH/Dirty House fence.
Daniel Ellsberg will long be remembered in greatness for his contributions to history and he's still contributing along with McGovern, Flowers, All of them,
Thank you for your indefatigable resilience and fortitude.
We are deeply insulted by the Corporate Media who keep this under wraps, what scum the 4th estate.
i'm a Viet Nam combat disabled Veteran during the Tet Offensive March 1968 and paid up member of Veterans for Peace.
i remember the pain and angst of our face 2 face demonstrations right after Kent State Massacre - We need a larger contingency to bring direct action into the War Profiteers face and the punk politicians who keep us married to the Capitalist Monsters.

Lewis said...

Just a curiosity: would Ray McGovern be any relation to the Senator I voted for (to be President) in 1972, and actually met the next year?

Mario said...

A great display of courage and conviction on your part Mr. Ray. Unfortunately those attributes are lost in the current C.M- dominated-political- environment, where atrocities committed in so far away lands against others are out of reach for the millions absent- minded- Americans who only see evil when the so called bad guys are lurking around home.

Dean Taylor said...

22 December 2010

“No sacrifice too great!” Right?

Where is your sacrifice, Forwardlooking?

Where is your sacrifice, Gates?

Where is your sacrifice, Clinton family?

Where is your sacrifice, Biden?

Where is your sacrifice, Lieberman?

Where is your sacrifice, Bush?

Where is your sacrifice, Fortune 500 CEOs?

Where is your sacrifice, Goldman Sachs?

Where is your sacrifice, Bank of America?