Friday, January 14, 2011

An American Suicide Terrorist?

By William John Cox
January 14, 2011

Jared Loughner acted as a domestic suicide terrorist in the political “battleground” of American politics. His YouTube postings and “good-bye” phone messages are ominously reminiscent of the traditional farewell videos of Islamist martyrs.

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Aquifer said...

I think you raise an interesting point. if Loughner is simply considered an insane individual and there is no accounting for what he did other than his own psychotic delusions, then he must be considered "innocent of murder by reason of insanity". If, on the other hand, he is sane enough to stand trial and face execution, then we must seriously examine his "reasons". Can't have it both ways. If we demand a "guilty" sentence and retribution, we cannot call him "insane" or any variation thereof .....

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cox is either sadly incapable of seeing the distinctions between a person driven by the right wing propaganda to the point of committing ghastly crimes and a person whose country is occupied by an evil power and attacked every which way by heartless and evil zionist Christians and Jews and has lost all hope of beating the lowest form of the human existence, the Israelis,
except the only possibility left for him that is chosing Martyrdom; or he is a God-dammed zionist whore.
Considering his background it is unlikely that he is that ignorant and that idiotic to confuse the two, so the only other possibility remaining is that he is nothing but a dirty, lowly, scum sucking zionist whore to combine terms like suicide and terrorist and use them for the most honorable suicide-Martyrs of Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq and use it for a patsy/errand boy of another evil political thought pattern. I am convinced that Mr. Cox is just as honorable! as the most-evil Cheney.