Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Finding a Path Out of Afghanistan

By Ivan Eland
January 12, 2011

If actions speak louder than words, the U.S. military has seemed to confirm the pessimistic findings of the National Intelligence Estimates (NIEs) on the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which the military had recently pooh-poohed.

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JonnyJames said...

While I found this article informative and helpful, I would have liked to see a mention of some of the material/financial incentives for continuing the occupation.

For example, what about the discovery of lithium and other rare-earth elements in Afgh.?

What about the Trans Afghanistan Pipeline and natural gas?

What about the powerful war-profiteering incentive to continue war and occupation?

The wars/occupations are funded by issuing ever more public debt. The Banksters make money, the corporate war profiteers make obscene amounts etc.

From a purely financial/economic material analysis, there appears to be absolutely no incentive to end the occupation.

These wars are instruments of kleptocracy: to transfer trillions of public monies (financed by debt) into the hands of private interests. In this regard the wars are a great success for these private interests.

For the rest of us, the vast majority of USA dwellers, not to mention the innocent victims killed daily, it is a disaster.

rosemerry said...

I find JJs comments relevant. The pipelines and corporate profits must feature in the US decisions. i really think Ivan Eland is magnifying the impotance of AlQaida.