Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Back Story on Iran's Clashes

By Robert Parry
February 17, 2011

Iranian parliamentarians presented an ugly scene on Tuesday with raucous chants calling for the executions of two opposition leaders – and the U.S. news media was quick to denounce the Iranian government – but there is a complex history that Americans aren’t getting.

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QLineOrientalist said...

Not great stuff.
You trust Bani-Sadr's self-exonerating memoirs as a source? Really?
You keep tying the opposition to Iran-Contra. As I have already explained to you, it was the office of the opposition's spiritual leader, Ayatollah Montazeri, which blew the whistle on Iran-Contra.

And then, as the Persians say, what does a fart have to do with a forehead? The article started with the horrifying scene of calls for the opposition's leader's blood. This cannot be explained away by a review of their horrible record as mass-murderers. This is completely irrelevant. The reactionary leaders are trying to consolidate their power and drive all opposition, no matter how much it supports the regime, into the graveyard.

You are treading into territory you know very little about.

Anonymous said...

It seems like you really haven't been following the news in iran. "Get over it Ahmadinejad won!" - Is that why in a city of 10 million there were 5 million people out to protest? I was there I Know. I was also arrested and put in prison for having a US ID - I was not in a protest (not yet!) - 40 million people out of a population of 65 million voted - According to you and them 63% voted for Ahmadinejad. A popular chant was "Where is your 63%" - For some starnge reason I was following this blog - Here is news on Iran for the past few years - You be the judge

Peter Loeb said...

Thanks for your excellent comment
on Iran of 2/18.

I await an in-depth report includ-
ing text of Security Council
proposal vetoes Feb. 18 by the
US. A complete list of nations
voting yes and/or abstentions in
addition to commentary by a contributing writer would be of great help.
Peter Loeb,

Peter Loeb said...

Answer to "QLineOrientalist"

It is difficult to find leaders
who do not try to consolidate their power.

This seems to happen even in "democracies"(?) such as the US.

Anonymous said...

I had missed another attempt by you to say Ahmadinejad won.

Polls are not election results. You ignore people who covered and observed the election like Reese Erlich as well as accounts of fraud by people who have fled Iran since your original flawed piece.

You should read or read again Iran & Leftist confusion

If Mousavi and Karrubi were still political opportunists, they would have cut a deal nearly two years ago instead of enduring numerous dangerous attacks and being under house arrest now.

You also ignore the massive human rights abuses of the Ahmadinejad government including attacks on peaceful protests, journalists and bloggers in jail, and executions of innocent people.

It is Maddow and many others (including progressive Iranians who risk their lives trying to organize for change) who are upholding the values of the left and you and ANSWER who have sadly abandoned them.

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