Saturday, February 19, 2011

Egypt's Lessons of Peace

By Rev. Howard Bess
February 19, 2011

The uprising in Egypt has to be added to the truly world-changing events that I have witnessed in my life. The others I would call “the big three”: World War II, the American civil rights movement, and the Vietnam War.

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Anonymous said...

These remarks don't seem to provide
much. For my response, see
THE NON-EVENT" under "annonymous"
(by mistake,my name is on the
bottom and the "anonymous" head was
an error ). This was a
comment to "Now, Egypt Faces the
Hard Part" by Danny Schechter.
Schechter's historical background
needs no comment. I stand by my
own comment.

Peter Loeb

Anonymous said...

Correction to my so-called
"anonymous" response.

Peter Loeb