Friday, February 04, 2011

Mideast Payback Worries Washington

By Michael Winship
February 4, 2011

Almost seven years have passed since I spent some time in the Middle East. The closest I get to the opinions of "the Arab street" these days is the fellow who runs the delicatessen a block away from me.

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rosemerry said...

Does "American intelligence" exist? Even Mossad had no idea of the situation in Egypt. If a "peace agreement" gives each side billions in weapons each year to fight no enemy, what else but internal repression is it for? Israel and Egypt both did it, and the US oil interests benefited.

mario said...

It seems the Obama administration is placing its bets on a transitional government led by Suleiman with the inclusion of the military in which Mubarak would play a diminished role.It's worth noting that this is more or less the approach favored by a group of leading figures within Egypt's political establishment who, one way or another, are trying to co - opt the goals of the people's revolution.The revolution's true leadership must resist the foreign an local powers trying to cripple their revolution.