Thursday, February 03, 2011

Olbermann's Disturbing Departure

By Franklin L. Johnson
February 3, 2011

On Friday evening, Jan. 21, after reading a short story by James Thurber, titled The Scotty Who Knew Too Much, Keith Olbermann abruptly closed his program by informing his viewers it would be his last. This out-of-the-blue exit will go down in broadcast history as one of the most bizarre.

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richard wilson said...

Keith was the most disturbed person ever to be on tv. He should not be allowed to be in a place where he speaks to human beings again. He should stay lost somewhere forever. Next to go is chris mathews. He is in fairyland. Msnbc will be shut down soon. Then we can celebrate.

Charlie Accetta said...

The whole thing isn't about politics, it's about Keith. I agree with Richard Wilson in the fact that all extremists are disturbed people -- it's just that most of those in the spotlight seem to favor a political form less liberal than Olbermann, or Stalin, for that matter. In any case, having witnessed Keith's behavior in person (in a crowded elevator, no less), I feel comfortable in saying that the progressive choir sounds a little more mellifluous from his absence.

Total Mind Sync said...

richard, just because you don't agree with a persons point of view doesn't mean they are a disturbed individual. Obviously, the fact that Keith Olbermann is a highly intelligent human being is causing you some distress. This usually happens to people with a low IQ or with people who lack the intelligence to grasp a different point of view other than their own. As to your statement about celebrating the "shut down" of MSNBC; this just proves my point because you want to celebrate the silencing of something you can't understand.

To Charlie, OF COURSE it is politics. NO TV organization fires their NO.1 rated personality or cancels the show with highest ratings for any other reason, except for maybe breaking of the law.

I say to the both of you and to anybody else who thinks that only the conservative POINT OF VIEW should be heard, is that you are totalitarians. That's what you get when you silence all other opposing views.