Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ignoring Peace Talks in Libya

By Marjorie Cohn
March 22, 2011

Since Saturday night, the United States, France, and Britain have been bombing Libya with cruise missiles, B-2 stealth bombers, F-16 and F-15 fighter jets, and Harrier attack jets. There is no reliable estimate of the number of civilians killed.

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Anonymous said...

Trying to have peace talks with the likes of Gaddafy Duck would be as fruitful as talking with Hitler would have been. He is a megalomaniac control freak who should have been done away with long ago except that the oil companies and Halliburton found it too profitable to ignore his crimes. Same story as with just about everyu other dictatorship we have supported for financial gain. At least Glibber Ronnie bombed their sorry butt after it was revealed that Libya was behind terrorist acts. Why did the Bush crime family resume tolerating him and buying his oil? That was tantamount to becoming an accomplice to his crimes.Hate high gas prices- now you know who to thank! Get off your lazy derrieres and show some guts for a change!

rosemerry said...

I can see why anonymous is anonymous. ignorance personified would be a better identity.
This is an excellent and clear article, making important points we all should consider. The African Union's delegation was rejected by the UN, Venezuela's suggestion, accepted by Lybia and the Arab league, was rejected. The Western Boys must have a war and use their new toys. What do civilians matter? Peace must be avoided at all costs.

Peter Loeb said...


This is a most thoughtful con-

Once more, the structure and
purposes of NATO are distinct from
those of the UN. The members of
NATO are also UN members. There the
similarity ends.

Since the so-called "Kosovo War"
in 1999,NATO member nations can
have no say in command or strategy.
This must always be in the control
of the US.

This was re-emphasized after
September 11. (See: 1. My
comment. "OBFUSCATION" as a
comment to Lawrence Davidson's
"The Hypocrisy of the Libyan
Conclict", Consortiumnews,March,
2011;2. See in particular the
analysis of historian Gabriel
Kolko referenced from "THE WORLD

It seems to me inevitable that
these two organizational orientations cannot be combined.

Interestingly, the US vetoed the
proposal to condemn the State of
Israel. Fourteen council members
voted yes on February 18. The
US alone voted no and vetoed the
idea that the State of Israel
might be held accountable.

An ennumeration of Israeli crimes
are hereby eliminated for the
sake of brevity.