Saturday, March 26, 2011

Israel's Right Lashes Out at Critics

By Lawrence Davidson
March 26, 2011

Richard Falk, the United Nations Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights, told the world organization’s Human Rights Council that the "continued pattern of settlement expansion in East Jerusalem combined with the forcible eviction of long-residing Palestinians are creating an intolerable situation."

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Peter Loeb said...


The headline ("title") of this
excellent analysis is off the mark.

It is not "Israel's RIGHT" but
rather The State of Israel. There
are those with the courage to
object and our thanks to them
in their continuing struggles
against a terrorist regime.

(There were, as history has told
us, courageous Germans who
fought against National Socialism
before WWII and during it. Some
risked their lives; others gave
their lives.)

When the US guarantees the State
of Israel that it will under no
circumstances, come under any
criticism or pressure for its
crimes, the US has given Israel
a blank check for continued oppression both in its occupied zone as well as for its brutal
discrimination within Israel

I refer, of course, to the vote
on condemning the State of
Israel at the UN Security
Council on Friday, February 18,

Fourteen of the total fifteen
council members voted in support
of that resolution.

One nation voted against it: the US.

There were no abstentions on
February 18. None.

By its action, the US vetoed
the attempt by the UN to hold
Israel accountable for its

The US made clear to the world then
that Israel was now and forever
exempt from all scrutiny.

(The US provides weapons as well.
There are large appropriations
for "self-defense" made by both
Houses of the US Congress.)

This begs the question as to why
the US should claim such "virtue"
in other areas such as in the
matter of Libya (Resolution 1973

The US says it is devoted to
spreading "freedom" and "democracy"...except in the State of Israel which some even dare to call "a democracy". That
such a denotation
is patently absurd is apparent
from this analysis as well as many
other reports.