Monday, April 04, 2011

Analyzing Goldstone's Gaza Retreat

By Lawrence Davidson
April 4, 2011

It will be recalled that after the September 2009 issuance of the Goldstone Report suggesting that Israel might be guilty of war crimes, Judge Richard Goldstone was barred from attending his grandson’s bar mitzvah. That is how much resentment was produced by the critical report that bears his name.

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delia ruhe said...

The Goldstone report didn't tell the world anything it didn't already know. It just filled in the details. But Goldstone is a committed Zionist, South Africa has a powerful Zionist lobby, and Israel has a powerful propaganda machine, which we have seen destroy people. Why should we be surprised by the recanting?

Peter Loeb said...


Professor Lawrence Davidson as
always provides analyses to round
out what we already intuit.

I strongly recommend another "take"
as a supplement:

UTURN" by historian/advocate
Ilan Pappe appears in full in
The Electronicintifada of April 4:
article 11895.shtm

Peter Loeb said...


Historian Emeritus Gabriel Kolko
introduces a recent book with the
following words:

"This is a book about the world
as it is, not how it should be.
How the world should be is simple
enough to articulate but at this
stage virtually impossible to

("WORLD IN CRISIS: The End of the
American Century", by Gabriel Kolko,Pluto Press, p. 1,
available in paperback)

This statement loses some pro-
fundity as we are all attempting
to achieve these ends. It does,
however, call for strict adherence
to facts and a consciousness of our
own use(s) of them.

Chapter 3 of this brief book
(op cit, pp.66-85) is entitled:

"Alliances and NATO"

As we are all aware, NATO is also
BECOMING and we can note changes
to the best of our abilities. None of us is a Prophet.

Peter Loeb said...


Sorry but the link previously given
to the Ilan Pappe article was not

The correct link is:
article 11895.shtml

Anonymous said...

Just why have my comments been removed ?

Anonymous said...

Quisling S.O.B.

Anonymous said...

Comments posted here have been removed.

Seems this "Consortiumblog" is highly censored .

Anything critical of Israel is deemed Anti Semitic ?

bikingdoc said...

"Anything critical of Israel"? This character Davidson has made a career out of the most dishonest Israel-bashing, while at the same time aplogizing for the murderous terrorism of Islamofascists.

A review of Davidson's "work" reveals a 100% antiIsrael tilt in EVERY SINGLE ONE of his poorly documented and mostly falsehood laden accusations against the courageous little democracy which is Israel.

Davidson is widely regarded at his own Univ. as a dangerous antiSemite, and apparently movement is afoot to have him removed from his faculty position for all this hatespeech. This site shouldn't tolerate his bigotry either.

Anonymous said...


The truth is antisemitic.

As usual you have no instances stated upon which to base your opinions.

Your "hasbara" quote of "Israel bashing" as usual refers to anything critical of Israel.

Zionism is racism & unending war.

Your comments are baseless.

francine said...

Bravo to bikindoc for the truth about the Quisling self hating Jew-
"Professor" Davidson.

Anonymous said...

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