Friday, April 08, 2011

Iraqis Resist Longer US Occupation

By Gareth Porter
April 8, 2011

President Barack Obama has given his approval to a Pentagon plan to station U.S. combat troops in Iraq beyond 2011, provided that Iraqi Premier Nouri al-Maliki officially requests it, according to U.S. and Iraqi sources.

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Peter Loeb said...


If there are any Muslims in Iraq,
evidently the US feels Iraq will
need our "protection" from them.

This is an absurd logic (illogic) on its face, of course.

(Unless we slaughtered many,forced
hundreds of thousands to flee our
"protection" and bribed(paid)
the be "security".
Which is to say on OUR side. Against those terrible Muslims.)

Anonymous said...

To hell with Iraq! To hell with Karzai and his band of thieves. We have lost too many people to make Wall Street and the defense contractors richer. The President needs to show that he gives a damn about this country instead of giving in time after time to our enemies as mentioned above. We elected him to bring change NOT more of the same insane crap we had under Bush. It is becoming more evident we have been had-again!

Anonymous said...

The USA brought a Holocaust to Iraq that most Americsns never hear about.

neocons rule U.S. Foreign Policy.