Monday, April 04, 2011

WPost Seeks Longer Iraq Occupation

By Robert Parry
April 4, 2011

The neocon editors of the Washington Post, who have pushed the Iraq War since the beginning, are bummed out over the looming reality of America’s strategic defeat after eight years of fighting.

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Anonymous said...

To hell with the Washington Post! If they want to continue the killing in Iraq, let them get off their sorry yellow-bellied butts and put their lives in the line of fire! Would that they take their equally cowardlyu benmefactors on Wall Street and in Congress with them. If Obama allows this extension then it will be another broken promise like closing Gitmo! Enough is enough! Dick Nixon was able to get us out of Nam and look at the crap he has taken. No more!

Peter Loeb said...


This US administration along with its NATO allies seems to
be enthusiastic about "humanitarian
interventions" such as the "no-fly
zone" in Lybia. The result is the
use of heavy military force lead
by the US to incapacitate all
Quaddifi's capability in Lybia to attack additional civilians.

The US claims to be acting in the
role of saving the world. And the
US glories in performing this
noble hegemonic service which
it is entitled to perform.

(Incidentally, I am not certain the US would hesitate
to fire on rebels in the US.
It would not appreciate so-called
"humanitarian interventions" by

I therefore propose:

That the UN Security Council pass
a "no-fly zone" for Israel and totally incapacitate Israel's entire abilities to attack any civilians anywhere
and particularly those in lands
Israel has itself occupied by armed
conquest (eg the "occupiedterritories.)

The 1400 civilians slaughtered
recently in Israel's "Cast Lead"
exemplify its illegal and
criminal works.

All airplanes, missiles, tech-
nology, sites for manufacture
of weapons of mass destruction,
infrastructure etc. should be
completely demolished in Israel.

The US and its NATO allies have
demonstrated their ability to
perform the tasks of ridding
the world of governments that
slaughter their own neighbors.

The US and its NATO allies should
consider negotiations with the
Palestinian freedom fighters and
the provision of arms and training to provide for their self-defense.

Anonymous said...

Its the continuation of the PNAC plan for the USA.

Just look it up P.N.A.C.

Likewise 40 or more of these neocons in "high places" wrote to Obama strongly advising him to attack Libya