Friday, February 08, 2008

Hillary's Curious Campaign Loan

By Nat Parry
February 9, 2008

Only days before the make-or-break “Super Tuesday” primaries, Hillary Clinton dipped into her personal finances to lend her campaign $5 million, a move she kept secret until the day after she had battled Barack Obama to a standstill in the coast-to-coast voting.

If she had disclosed the loan before Super Tuesday, it might not only have generated troubling questions about the financial health of her campaign; it might have focused unwanted attention on the sources of the Clintons’ money.

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jeffkojeffko said...

Why the major league coverage of this? What does this add in a positive vein to the discussion?

You yourself have been so many times, according to you, on the verge of going bellyup.

I have never doubted your ability because of these shortfalls of cash.

I never will either. I want to see the best of you and believe you do the best you do under all circumstances.

I look for this in Obama and Hillary too.

I think you are being grossly unfair to the Clintons.

I pray you give them the same benefit of the doubt I give you every time you are out of cash.

ardee said...

While Jeffkojeffko slipped and quite correctly I would expand a bit.

There appears to be a penchant on the left to emulate the practices of Rovian politics in that smearing the opposition becomes primary and speaking to the issues unimportant.

Rather than use this "loan to herself" ( a standard practice in our money mad political system) as a jumping off point to excoriate the need for a humdred million dollars to run for the office in question, rather than a clarion call for reform of a system that actually diminishes the importance of grassroots support and maximises the power of the wealthiest to decide ,not only elections, but also legislation and direction the author chooses to smear a candidate and thinks he hides his support for the other guy in doing so,.
Cheap shot Parry, and quite irelevent, sadly.

B42 said...

I thank you for the information you have put together for this article. I prefer transparency over politics as usual and feel that articles such as these help balance the mainstream media's pick and choose tactics.