Monday, February 04, 2008

Where Would Obama Take the Nation?

By Robert Parry
February 4, 2008

Among the recent flood of celebrity endorsements, one that has received little attention came in a Washington Post op-ed by President Dwight Eisenhower’s granddaughter, Susan Eisenhower, explaining why she’s backing Barack Obama.

Her principal argument was that she believed Obama could help this generation of Americans pull together to address worsening problems and “leave America a better, stronger place than the one it found,” like her grandfather’s generation did.

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Robert B. Livingston said...

My comments:

It was thanks to Eugene McCarthy that Eisenhower's warnings are remembered today.

Is it too much to ask why Obama would attend a debate that unfairly rejected Dennis Kucinich-- who was truly antiwar? Why should we expect Obama to answer any non-trivial questions?


JeremiadJones said...

RE: "... he [Clinton] viewed the potential battles over the past as a distraction from fights he planned over his domestic agenda for the future."

That's putting the matter far too charitably. Clinton had no desire for a "truth commission" that might shed light on the drug smuggling at Mena, or the involvement of his crypto-mentor Bush Sr, in Iran-Contra and other criminal feats of derring do.

Chciago1234 said...

I understand the authors point and while quoting Obama's writing mya illustrate the point I still left with the same question.
If Obama has so much respect for the constitution why not bring up impeachment.
Indeed how come not one presidential candidate brought up holding anyone accountable for the last 7 years? It seems our goverment has tapped phones without warrants, engaged in torture etc Then there is that whole lying to justify invading Iraq thing.

Anonymous said...

I look at Obama 3 ways .
1. Will he roll back , continue or expand the dangerous surveillance state that bush help start .
2. Will he roll back, close down or continue the expansion of U.S. foreign bases , that is causing much of the predicable hatred for the U.S.
3. Will he seriously investigate the crimes of Bush Jr. and the 9/11 investigation ( he'll never do )or will it be the same usual political BS, " we have to move forward " .

His comments on 60 mins. " we have to leave some troops in Iraq , to protect out interests " are not reassuring .