Sunday, February 03, 2008

'Stepford Republicans' Caught on Tape

By Jeff Cohen
February 3, 2008

I have a theory about a similarly subversive process that turns grown men once capable of independent and reasoned thought into robotic extremists. Call them Stepford Republicans.

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mskitty said...

This theory has merit! No other explanation makes sense.

ALLSovereign said...

Great article although these once compassionate sovereign beings have sold their souls for comfort and security. They willingly sold their souls.

sylvester_katt said...

A mystery of modern politics is why Republican leaders who can sound thoughtful in private often lose that quality when trying to sell themselves to the arbiters of right-wing ideology or to the Republican "base,"

In truth there is little mystery about this. When among normal people (non-neocons), sounding "thoughtful" is normal. However, when in the presence of their fellow-creatures -- reptile-brain war-mongers and mammon-worshipping money grubbers, their true identities become apparent through some sort of association. One of the carnivores growls, and another, not wanting to be outdone, growls louder, and so on. It's the nature of the beast (people, whose evolution is far below par, are, by nature, reptile brain dominated individuals.)