Monday, March 31, 2008

Delusionary, Dancing Bush

By Ray McGovern
March 31, 2008

Events of the last week offer a metaphorical glimpse at the delusion pervading President George W. Bush’s White House and other enclaves of Iraq War supporters in Washington.

Bush and the First Lady spent last Monday clowning with the Easter Bunny (White House counsel Fred Fielding having donned the costume).

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Anonymous said...

What kind of republic won't legally rid itself of a mad chief executive?

CounterSkeptic said...

Poster asks, “What kind of republic won't legally rid itself of a mad chief executive?”

Let me rephrase it a bit: “What kind of COUNTRY won’t rid itself of a mad chief executive?

This, i.e., concentrating on a mad president, is what I see troubling in Ray McGovern’s article (and similar ones elsewhere.)
First I must emphasize that I have utmost respect for Mr. McGovern. I see him not only as a true patriot, but more so as a decent human being. And to me it means something, for I used to see anything CIA the very embodiment of evil. To me, he certainly passes the most basic and important test of honesty and integrity that I have for public people: His questioning of 9/11 as a crime orchestrated by the Cheney/Bush and elements of our own government and others.

So, consider it as a question from an admirer:

Why should we dump all the ills and evils on only one person, Bush, or two, Cheney and Bush? To me all those who facilitate the destruction the Cheney/Bush regime is wreaking on America and on the world at large are as responsible. Otherwise why prosecute anybody but Hitler in Germany?

It is utter nonsense for any body in Congress to claim, “I was deceived by fabricated intelligence.” And more generally, by this fabricated “war of terror” Or in the media. Or in the military. On in the judiciary.

What’s been happening is simply a “gang-rape” of America and her resources, and of Iraq and
Afghanistan and elsewhere by a collection of people (or rather, monsters), every one of whom knows exactly what he or she is doing.

These others are accomplices and/or participants in committing this collective crime. Whether people some day punish them through the shame of “Truth Commission” or by firing squad is a different matter. They are all individually, one by one, guilty of countless counts of crime, of murder, theft, treason, torture, you name it. They are committing these crimes knowingly and willingly. Every one of them has a choice to say, “no, ” even in the military. We have heard “no” from the lowly deserter in Canada to a just-starting-his-career lieutenant to one mighty Admiral. Some are even made to vanish when they say “no”. But they do say it. We should not forget Army’s third ranking flag officer, General Kevin Byrne. He suddenly vanished from this earth, after reputedly he refused to order Cheney’s diabolical plan (duplicating 9/11’s simulated exercise attacking the Pentagon into the real one), to turn a large exercise of a simulated nuclear attack into a real one.

Every body has a choice. And with a mad dictator the choice is much, much more clear cut. Parry has it right: it is our country that’s gone mad, not just its chief.
But it is not madness clinically. It is madness criminally.