Sunday, March 30, 2008

Telling Truth Early

By Robert Parry
March 31, 2008

There is always a danger in doing this, because many people tend to reject what they haven’t heard before. Sometimes, the information is unwelcome because it goes against a preconception or it disrupts a favored point of view. It might cause discomfort or anger.

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Withholding funds said...

Well, Mr. Parry, you do "tell the truth early" on some very important matters -- Iran-Contra, Iraq, etc.

However, I went back and re-read your Hillary bashing screed in which you accuse her of "playing the gender card" and I am annoyed with you all over again.

Too bad you brought it up again -- because you did not tell the truth in that case. It was YOUR OPINION. A very, narrow biased, anti-type opinion.

Gee, I would have considered ponying up some dough for your fund-raising effort (as I have in the past), but then you had to remind me of your sexist views on white women of a certain age.


also withholding funds said...

OBAMA FIRST TO PLAY THE RACE CARD -- Sean Wilentz --the Sidney and Ruth Lapidus professor of history at Princeton University

Another opinion but backed up with facts...Professor Wilentz tells the truth early.

Anonymous said...

Jim says:

Nobody has ever gone broke bashing the Clintons, have they Mr. Parry? Real courage is shown by those that at least OCCASIONALLY, have something positive to say about Hillary. That could cost one dearly these days.

Uncle Ernie said...

Since you've joined the main stream media perhaps your corpo-rat pals in the Obama/McCain campaign will pony up the dough? Wasn't their 30 pieces of silver enough? You'll never get another dime from me.