Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Good Thing from the Bush Years

By Robert Parry
April 1, 2008

And here is one: At no time in my three decades in Washington have I seen more common purpose between honest American journalists and patriotic U.S. intelligence analysts. By trampling on a principle that both groups hold dear – respect for the truth – Bush has pushed these historic adversaries together.

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Military Wife & Mom said...

I am a military wife and mom of current and recently retired active duty family members. Due to the immoral misuse and abuse of our military, as well as all the other atrocities caused b the action or inaction of the Bush administration, I have had to really dig deep, search for the truth behind the propaganda, and educate myself
I felt it has been necessary to do so to effectively advocate first for our troops and their families, but really to demand responsibility and accountability.
I say all this to say, I consider myself to be well-informed at minimum and I am approaching ‘political junkie’ status. (hence the screen name)I feel like can hold my own on many issues. But your book “NECK DEEP” is blowing my mind. I am only up to page 31 and I have learned so much that I did not know. Some I had a vague understanding of, like the Prescott Bush-Nazi connection, but it was nothing I would speak on because it was never anything I ever focused on.
There are so many examples I could give as to why this book is a must read, but I will tell what I like best. This book is concisely written, fact-filled, with a historical perspective or flow that allows someone who reads a lot to gain the maximum amount of important knowledge without all the extra details that clog up too many other books.
In 31 pages I have learned about the Walker-Bush connection, the family history of G H W Bush, G H W Bush’s educational and political history, G W Bush’s educational and political history, and Dick Cheney’s evolving beliefs and efforts towards executive privilege and secrecy. I am blown away by reading about Project X! I really knew very little about Mr. Cheney.
I went back to school at age 41 to get my Bachelors. I remember feeling so excited about all the new things I was learning about. What excited me most was that I realized that the more I learned, the more I learned how much there was yet for me to learn. It was such an exciting and inspiring time.
Your book has sparked that feeling once again. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'll second that -- "Neck Deep" is terrific!