Wednesday, April 02, 2008

All Power to the President

By Robert Parry
April 2, 2008

Though little discussed on the campaign trail, a crucial issue to be decided in November is whether the United States will return to its traditions as a constitutional Republic respecting “unalienable” human rights or whether it will finish a transformation into a frightened nation governed by an all-powerful President who can do whatever he wants during the open-ended “war on terror.”

That reality was underscored on April 1 with the release of a five-year-old legal opinion from former Justice Department official John Yoo asserting that President George W. Bush possessed nearly unlimited authority as Commander in Chief, including the power to have military interrogators abuse terror suspects.

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Anonymous said...

Food For Thought!
Perhaps 9/11 was created by the one who wanted the power?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Mukasey the other day make so some reference to a CIA intercept of a phone call prior to 911 from an Al quida safe house in surprize Pakiastan hinting at an immenient attack . Yet it would appear that NOTHING was done to ramp up security indeed we stood down on 911 .
The premise of the article concerning the Supreme Court and the appointment of another supporter of the Unitary Executive is certainly MORE than enough cause to vote against John McCain