Thursday, June 12, 2008

Does Obama Truly Stand for 'Change'?

June 12, 2008

So what are the differences and similarities between Barack Obama and John McCain?

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fact checker said...

The Obama-fawning "independent" and corporate media should ask Obama point-blank, What is your energy policy? Do you believe our economic problems are a consequence of our current energy policy? What was your reason for voting for the so-called CHENEY ENERGY BILL? (The bill that resulted from Cheney's secret meetings.) Do you believe that was a good decision?" (BTW, John McCain voted against it.)

Since supply and demand haven't changed that much, explain why YOU think oil prices have increased so rapidly? Do you think speculative pressures contibuted to these price increases? If so, what are your proposals to make it less likely to happen again?

Do you think the United States can become energy independent? What will you do to prevent or mitigate minor problems in oil supplies from disrupting our ecnonmy as they are now?

Enough already with the flimsy he said-he said comparisons between the two candidates -- how about some real specifics.

Not only that, the media should take a good hard look at Obama's ever-shifting positions on other important issues.

Also, Obama is now the most God-centric candidate -- he should be challenged on his penchant for constantly bringing his "personal journey of faith" into his campaign. How about keeping it private? If he is constantly bringing up his faith journey to counteract the accusations that he's a Muslim, he should figure out a way to put the "faith" issue to rest and move on.

I'm sick of it. If he's the agent of change that "we can believe in" he should figure out a way expunge the "faith talk" from his campaign rhetoric.

Once Obama nabbed the nomination, he changed his tune regarding talks with Iran and designating the Red Guard as a terrorist organization.

Looks like he won a two-fer in the hypocrisy sweepstakes!

Change indeed!

Lionel Braithwaite said...

Maybe now you Yanks will vote for Ralph Nader instead-you still have time to do it, too.

Anonymous said...

Obama's change stands for: