Sunday, June 08, 2008

Has Obama Moved Right on Israel?

June 6, 2008

In his speech to AIPAC, Sen. Barack Obama tilted to the right on the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, blurring past policy differences with President George W. Bush, Sen. John McCain and Sen. Hillary Clinton.

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disgusted said...

Mr. Parry:

Thanks to you and others on the Obama Band Wagon, you allowed him to nab the nomination without properly examining him and his so-called "record" -- thin as it is.

Of course, he's rolled over for AIPAC (the day after he got the nomination).

You self-described investigative journalists make me kinda sick at times.

You don't "investigate" or probe for details until it's too late. Just because he told you he was an agent of CHANGE, YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO FALL FOR IT!

Anonymous said...

As usual, your naivete extolling the women hating muslim regimes while demonizing Israel comes right through. What have these regimes done for anybody lately?

Itzamirakul said...

Did he have any choice?

Who ISN'T politically "Right on Israel?"

Why should Obama add to the burden he already carries by opposing the most powerful force in America?

AIPAC is America's true government. AIPAC is the real military-industrial complex that we were warned about. Thinking Americans should have been able to tell that fact following the 2004 election when the public vote gave the Democrats the ok to end the War in Iraq and they have not yet done a durn thing about it. Because AIPAC told them that they had better NOT draw down the troops. And also because so many of our legislators , journalists, and media pundits are making a financial killing on the weapons and war-related stocks they have in their portfolios.

Another important fact is that having Blackwater and American Troops in Iraq makes Israel feel more protected and secure.

And what used to be the American National Guard is now the Israeli National Guard, sitting just outside of that country, not allowed to have military bases in that country, not allowed to fraternize with the citizens, but there to be sure that Israel is not attacked by one of the Middle East countries hat despise them. In the meantime, there is no National Guard left to guard America.

And yes, I am happily on the Obama band wagon.
Not miserably on board as I was for Kerry in 2004.

Hillary lost me when she voted for the war and then after lying and claiming to be against the war she CONTINUED TO VOTE TO FUND EVERY INITIATIVE THAT BUSH INTRODUCED REGARDING THE WAR IN IRAQ.

No one could be further Right on Israel than Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. Have you ever seen or read their "brown-nosing" speeches to AIPAC?