Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Republic on a Knife's Edge

By Robert Parry
June 13, 2008

There are two ways of looking at the landmark 5-4 Supreme Court decision recognizing the habeas corpus rights of detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba: As a stirring victory for individual liberty over collective fear – or as a reminder that the one more right-wing justice could make George W. Bush’s imperial presidency “constitutional.”

At the heart of the June 12 decision was the majority’s recognition that President Bush and his political allies have been playing games with the Constitution by turning Guantanamo into a legal black hole for the indefinite imprisonment (or kangaroo-court trials) of people Bush deems “unlawful enemy combatants.”

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Anonymous said...

Finally, someone has written about the importance of the recent 5-4 Supreme Court decision. It is the third 5-4 decision protecting us from indefinite imprisonment by King George.

And if anyone thinks there's a difference between being an American citizen and being a foreigner, I would remind you that anyone can be designated an enemy combatant.

Imagine the impossible predicament you'd be in if a couple of low level government bureaucrats tagged you as an enemy combatant. How many days, months, or years would you spend in solitary confinement before the bureaucracy discovered and corrected its embarassing mistake?

Ken said...

They are not american citizen. As American they can not say you are an enemy combatant.