Monday, October 13, 2008

How America Fell

By Robert Parry
October 14, 2008

As the American people pick through the wreckage left by the Bush administration, many may wonder how the most powerful nation on earth got so far off track. An illustrative case study is the bogus story of Al Gore’s “Chinagate” scandal.

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Anonymous said...

Bush might have been the president who did not know how to reverse the Clinton era, Think about the three monsters that the worst President in history created.
1. NAFA- sounds like a great Idea, not to the millions of Americans who lost their job to a unlevel playing ground. No EPA regulations, No Labor Laws and still thousands of Mexicians flee their country every day to take the low paying jobs of our country.
Ross Peroe tried to telled them and GM where they were heading, everyone laughed at his charts but it is not so funning NOW!
2. Hilary and Bill in Bed with Wal-Mart and doing away with the 300% tarriff to China. CHEAP GOODS... I hope it was worth it America you sold your soul to the devil! Sam Walton is crying from Heaven from the way his Boys have shown greed and lack of his vision for the company he created.
3. Bill might not have found himself accountible to the people who voted him in, but doing away with 95% of the IRS auditors for personal gain of top executives is the greatest crime of all times!
Bush found himself in something he could not dig out of; how do you reverse the greed out of American Presidents? Why else would Gas double in less than 5 years and no alternative fuel source were created during Bush era? America needs to wake up and put GOD back into the picture and take a look at the Crooks in the republician and democratic parties. Both parties do not deserve the chance of a president they do not care about the average man trying to feed, cloth and put a roof over their childrens heads. Which party is better you might ask, I would say neither who would spend a Billion every 4 years as a country to elect a President who makes less than $300,000 a year. The math does not add up and I'm not a CPA! Think about this when your at the Polls in November. Send Washington a message & write yourself in for President then you might find a person who's going to care about the millions who are here without Jobs, Health Insurance and now millions on the way of becoming homeless! Think about this: If the Goverment would give every legal American 10 million dollars to vest in a savings account that would earn interest for retirement then it still would not cost the tax payers the Billions that it cost to save crooked bankers!
Have you heard of cancelling an event when you really don't have the money! If the Presidents of the last 16 years hadn't failed this country we might still be at the top of world trade, but It is all one sided now just coming in (importing) and no going out (exporting).
In Closing whats wrong with saving money and not being in debt? This is a very simple message your Grand Parents learned from yesterday. When you think the Economy is going fine and you go out to get a loan for something you can not afford then shame on you! The Government and Banks should be institutions with the highest standards of budgeting, not the lowest!