Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why Are McCain Backers So Angry?

By Robert Parry
October 12, 2008

From Republicans at political rallies to GOP lawmakers on TV talk shows, McCain-Palin supporters are angry, very angry – and they seem to think their anger justifies whatever they do: from calling Barack Obama a “terrorist” to shouting “kill him” and “off with his head” – to getting huffy when their violent rhetoric is challenged.

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Anonymous said...

If Palin looks for links to terrorists, she doesn't have to look 40 years far into the past, 20 years is enough, with the born of Al-Qaeda.

Back in the '80s, US governments did not only "palling around" with al-Qaeda, they supported and trained al-Qaeda financially and militarily against Soviet Union invasion. Was it us who effectively brought Al-Qaeda into this world and nurture them?

The tactics that al-Qaeda used on the Russian back then are pretty much the same that they use against us now. Only they were not called and/or classified as terrorists when they are not used against us.

Where was McCain in the '80s?
Did he have any connection, liaison with the Al-Qaeda when we were still in love with them?
Since when do we hate Arabs?
Those are a few questions McCain-Palin attack dogs should answer themselves.
We are all over it, "my friends" :)

Anonymous said...

I like much of the reporting on this site, though it veers wildly to the left at times. ( I am Libertarian ).

Much of the reporting here is convinced "there are white racists lurking everywhere".

Of course for even suggesting the racists are not lurking everywhere I must be a racist.

Anonymous said...

This article is right on target.

Palin is such a devout Christian, yet she invokes hatred against Obama--not for anything he has actually done but for the chance he may win on his own wit.

McCain attempts to cover his anger and hide his lust for power but he seethes with ire.

This pair would do anything to get into power. That is scary. Who owns them? Rove, Cheney team is running this campaign.

And the hate continues.....

Anonymous said...

SoCalif Man here - Palin has already proved herself to be untrustworthy, and unable to - as well as unwilling to- control her husband from doing illegal and unethical things while she's in office as a State Governor - I wouldn't trust this woman as far as I could see her. As for McCain, he's already proven how desperate he is, he's even going back to David Letterman's show out of desperation, he can't afford to lose even one vote... as far as their political agenda...well, we've already seen what it's been for the past 8 years, and it's just MORE OF THE SAME, and that's what is driving him and will drive other Republican's out of the House and Senate this year and in future years. The American people have lost too much, too many lives have been irrevocably ruined forever by a free-wheeling Republican Pro-Business-Screw the Public attitude.

JulieB said...

In Los Angeles... a woman who lost her home ... THANKS TO YOU JERK REPUBLICAN BUSH FOLLOWERS my family and I are ON THE STREETS, and have to accept public assistance just to live! My savings, my pension, my life is gone... please fix this Mr. Obama... Mr. Biden... please. Don't let us be stuck with these rotten business-first loving Republicans a day longer..

Radical Centrist said...

The article unfortunately fails to answer the question it asks at the start: 'Why are McCain backers so angy?'.

It alludes to some why reasons, but mainly goes into details of how they are angry.

I would suggest to answer the question, one should go to McCain backers and ask them why they are so angry. I pose some possibilities:
Are they threatened by Obama? By his race? His youth/inexperience? His policies?
Are their perceptions of him reasonably accurate (i.e. they are familiar with his health care policy, and dislike it)?
Or are their perceptions highly inaccurate (i.e. he is Muslim and/or Arab)?

Do they think Obama as president would make them less well off? Do they fear that Obama as president would make the US (and perhaps themselves) vulnerable to "terrorist" or other attacks?

Are the people on the stage at Republican events fanning the flames of anger? If so, what are some specific examples?

Regardless of how your views differ with others, you share a world with them. I think to create a peaceful and mutually agreeable world that we will have to stop and listen to each other. Even if they won't listen to you, you should stop and listen to them, to understand their point of view. It's hard enough to change one's own behavior, and bloody hard to change the behavior of others. Respectful dialog with those of opposing views can be very informing.

Why I'm voting Obama:
I don't think McCain or Obama are very perfect. But I think (hope?) fewer people will meet violent deaths if Obama is president. Unfortunately neither one of them shows much hesitance to shed blood in order to protect American interests. I also find most of his other policies passable, even if they're not mind-blowing.

Anonymous said...

For bho it is not only his partnership with ayers, it his his friendships with many other radicals and scumbags, that pool the concern for many. tony rezko, Kenyan radical odinga, Jewish hater kalidi, White Racist jerimiah wright, acorn, want me to go on, there are more? His selection of mentors, associates, friends, loyalists, whatever your phrase for them, is extremely offensive to those who genuinely love this country. His judgement for "partners" is dangerous to the security of our nation. That is why so many people are angry, and McCain is not inciting this, it is the facts about bho coming out in the media that is inciting this rage, justifiably so. bho may be the next leader of this fine nation, the once free nation.

Flip it, if McCain hung out with the Oklahoma city bomber timothy mcveigh, also a vile domestic terrorist, traded money with an entity that is laced with fraud at many levels, including trashing our most precious right, the right to vote, did fraudulant land deals to benefit himself, McCain would have been being scrutenized by the media and American people too and rightly so. Yes, the keating 5 has been brought up but not too loudly as a few of the five are handedly supporting bho. This is the beauty of a true democracy, we are free to speak unlike a socialistic society where we all will soon be silenced into thinking the same thoughts through NEWSPEAK.

Please do not respond to this idiotic editorial, I know how it will go .... bahhh! bahhhh! bahhhh!
Keep chanting John McCain more of the same, bahhhh!, John McCain more of the same, bahhhh!, John McCain ....Peace with bho...we want change....bho change is coming....baaaaah! baaaaah!...

Anonymous said...

The last right-wing commenter "anonymous" ("For bho....") has apparently not progressed beyond an Ayn-Randian level of understanding of the world and society....poor arrested development person has drunk the kool-aid; unfortunately, there are many stuck at his/her level, afraid to grow to a more mature understanding. Excellent article, right-on target, R. Parry!

Bill from Saginaw said...

Not only is the right wing base of the GOP "angry" at Obama, many are simultaneously angry at John McCain for not throwing nearly enough red meat in their direction, even if the meat is 40 years old and putrid. There is enormous irony in watching McCain get savaged by the right wing of his own party for being too wimpy and too much a gentleman.

Bill from Saginaw