Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Palin's New 'Troopergate' Troubles

By Jason Leopold
October 14, 2008

In defiance of the facts, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin claims that the Oct. 10 investigative report on “Troopergate” cleared her of both legal and ethical wrongdoing, but the fallout from the case continues to expand with lawsuits now likely against the Republican vice presidential nominee.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you worked for someone like Palin, I know I have. Incompetence and defensiveness because of incompetence masked by the willingness to blame others for mistakes. Blind loyalty is rewarded over knowing how to do your job. Palin appointed a high school friend to head the dept of agriculture because her friend "liked cows".

The spotlight on Palin will continue to expose her corruption and incompetence of her government duties. To Palin, the rules are for others, not her (and Todd). I am always suspicious of people who become millionaires when their only job has been in public office, I think her fans will have the same uneasy feelings, especially in these economic times. She will be lucky to keep her office in Alaska when this election is over.

Anonymous said...

I believe somehow, Bush will get the war he wants with Iran, or Russia, blame them, even when he is no longer the leader.