Friday, October 17, 2008

The Republican ACORN Hoax

By Michael Winship
October 18, 2008

ACORN and election fraud. Hang on. As soon as I can get the alligator that crawled out of my toilet back into the New York City sewers where it belongs, I can turn my attention to this very important topic.

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Joe said...

The neo-cons will steal this election In the same way that they stole the last two- hacking the electronic voting machines, manipulating each precincts vote count as it is being transferred to the central tabulators, voter suppression, caging lists etc.. Just like in 2004, neither candidate is expressing any concern about a large percentage of the national vote being counted by electronic voting machines that are completely hackable and everybody knows this.
Go to my website, 911inside I have many videos and articles on the hacking of past elections and the 2008 election. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is very clear that these people will steal this election also.

Sad Republican said...

This ACORN story is enough to make this life long Republican vote for Obama.

The Republicans have given us a horrible candidate to vote for this time, and the angry rhetoric that has bubbled up is the last straw for me.

There is an underlying current of racism among Republicans where I work that is simply intolerable. The ACORN story is my personal tipping point.