Wednesday, February 18, 2009

'Bitter' Gore; 'Principled' McCain

By Robert Parry
February 18, 2009

When we started back in 1995, it was already apparent that the mainstream U.S. press corps was beyond reform. The corporate media had, in effect, merged with the growing right-wing media in overplaying the “Clinton scandals.”

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Anonymous said...

The Nazi press is still the Nazi press. They are owned by the same rich conservative bastards, so why would anyone think any of that will change? I keep thinking about anti-trust laws and monopolies. John McCain should know better than to just jump in criticize criticize criticize, considering that most ex-presidents usually give the new guy the benefit of the doubt, but we are talking about republicanazis here, aren't we? Republicanazis don't hate America, they just hate the people who live there. Republicans are the true terrorists. They have waged a class war against the working people of the United States ever since that scum Ron Reagan, and they will never give up. They are the real traitors. They are vile and un-American, and unspeakably evil. Isn't it time we did something about the republicanazi terrorist threat? You know for sure it was Cheney who ordered the anthrax attacks, and then they found someone to frame for it. Vile indeed.

Thom Allen said...

Thanks, once again Robert Parry, for a succinct and scholarly article. As you may recall from past interactions, we are in complete agreement regarding the compromise of the 4th estate via centralized corporate control and right wing ideological demagoguery; an unholy marriage that spits in the proverbial eye of a properly informed public.

As Progressive thinkers we must put the castigation of the present status quo aside long enough to appraise our own failure to collect the many voices and collective efforts, that support a return to enlightened discourse within our own community, and marshal them into a more unified team effort. As long as we can be accurately characterized as "a herd of cats" we can not continue to claim surprise, or outrage, if we do not garner the attention of the general public.
We need to establish a unified audio/visual and print media entity that embodies our principles of truth and reason in the conveyance of information to the public; the fledgling Real News Network recently begun in Canada, comes to mind. The present economic climate, to my thinking, may present an opportunity for just such a gathering of our forces, not only to attract the necessary financial support, but to acquire, for pennies on the dollar, the requisite affiliated outlets for the new product.

Anonymous said...

The day Obama officially became President of the United States I told friends I feared for his presidency for two reasons: the fact that he is Black and because he is a progressive. The powers that be (namely, the super wealthy, super corporate world, super Wall Street manipulators and super bankers) have a long history of ultra conservatism and hatred of Blacks. My friends asked, "How are they going to get to Obama?" I predicted that these powerful elites would work through the media, religious right, talk radio and Republican Party to control the framing of issues and dialogue and in the end destroy the effectiveness of anything Obama tries to accomplish. Two of my friends said, "I thought you were taking about assassination." I shook my head in the negative. I said, "I believe JFK's death was a warning to future presidents, since he could have been poisoned in such a way to fake a heart attack, or could have died in a mysterious accident." Then I said, "there is more than one way to kill a president. Why stoop to murder, which would make Obama a hero, when you call run him out of town by way of bad press? The measure of the methods can be seen by watching the so-called "fair" CNN. That netowrk has been after Obama since the day he took the oath, along with most of the major networks, magazines and publishing houses." History will rank this president by how well he can turn the tide against him into a populous backlash. I thank you, Robert Parry, for being one of those who are trying to help him do just that.

Anonymous said...

The press has too much of an influence in terms of their opinion and it's all negative.

The press should stick to reporting the facts and be objective at their trade.

We need to give Obama's policies a chance becaues if he fails we will all feel the negative impact.