Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Needed NBC Series: 'Catch a Cheney'

By Jeff Cohen
February 17. 2009

I have a plan to get NBC out of last place in the ratings. I’m promising blockbuster audience and international buzz. As a once disgruntled ex-employee, I now just want to be positive and help NBC, which needs all the free advice it can get.

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big em said...

As usual, Jeff Cohen is right-on target with his commentary. The US media's double-standard for defining 'terrorism' is SO staggeringly biased that I can't bear to watch/listen to the MSM's
'permanent orange-alert' hysteria about terrorists/terrorism. When one reads* about the MASSIVE killings/massacres that the US has assisted in over the last 50 yrs -- typically by heavy support of proxy governments in other countries -- the MSM's hypocrisy in chasing a questionable potential FOREIGN 'terrorist' is unwatchable.

Sadly, (as Mr Cohen states in his last paragraph) the MSM's bias in this is so pronounced and so historically prevalent that it's hard to see it ending.

(* Ed Herman's "The Real Terror Network", or Bill Blum's "Killing Hope", or Herman/Chomsky's "Manufacturing Consent", etc)