Monday, February 16, 2009

Republicans Bet on America's Failure

By Brent Budowsky
February 16, 2009

The passage of the $787 billion jobs bill represents a great victory for President Obama, a huge triumph for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and a tremendous moment for the smart Republican senators: Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine.

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Anonymous said...

This is just a Band-Aid and will do nothing long term for our economy. Ending the two disastrous wars, cutting the defense budget 80-90%, repealing NAFTA and reducing, not raising taxes, would fix the economy. I'm also mystified why no one is writing about the real solution on the table for two years now:

Anonymous said...

Republicans are evil motherfuckers who hate the american people. They want to run the show, with people working for slave wages while they live their lives of luxury in their feudal castles (gated communities). They have waged class war against the people of the united states ever since Ron Raygun who started as a lousy actor working for GE and ended up as a lousy president still working for GE. We need a new revolution to rid our country of our most heinous internal enemies - republicanazis. (I heard that rich people taste just like chicken).

maji said...

We have problems now. Something has to be done now. Waiting is what Hoover did which deepened the negative impact of the Great Depression on the American economy to the point where everything across the board came to a screeching halt. I have studied closely the actions of the repubs over the last 8 years and have found absolutely zero fiscal responsibility or attempt to really address the needs of their constituents, so it is absolutely mind-boggling to now see them retreat into the "realm" of fiscal responsibility. Their rhetoric about "generational theft" seems to apply only to the last few weeks, not to the last 8 years where we went from a $300bl+ surplus to finding ourselves more than one $1trillion in debt, selling our posterity's futures to China and other foreign financiers.
Their posturing about fiscal responsibility is just that, posturing, like throwing diahrreal feces on a wall and hoping globs of it sticks. Their actions over these last weeks only illustrate their dedication to power, not to the interests/needs of the American people.

Also, I don't think anyone capable of logical thought who is aware of the condition of this economy thinks this $787bl is going to be a long-term solution. There is more which has to be done to help us recover from this recession. This is just the first step towards economic recovery. We did not get into this economic morass in a matter of months, and it is illogical to think we can reverse years of mismanagement and poor decision-making in a matter of weeks or months.

Anonymous said...

Why should the Republicans get all the blame when the Democrats run the house and senate? Not one of them can blame the other; they're ALL guilty of something. Everyone, including your President, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi along with the whole Congress are nothing but a big JOKE. The whole world is laughing at how stupid they all are. Once all these people are voted out, the better the United States will be! America is still the best country in the world; it just needs to get rid of the weeds in order to grow!

Anonymous said...

Ummm . . . if you're far away from main street your would need a telescope to see it, not a microscope; what a moron, of course after reading the rest of the article what did I expect.

Phil said...

After reading the comments left here and talking with other Dems, They all seem to think that the Evil George Bush is at falt. Please step back and look at this from a nuetral stand point. President Clinton started by passing legislation to 'guide' bank to give risky loans. In 2004 The 'american hating' repuplicans warned that there was going to be a problem and urged more regulation and over site. The democrats in Congress and senate had hearings stating that fannie mea and Freddie mack were financially sound while Frank Reines rakes in 90 mil in 6 yrs cooking the books. The Dems said there was no problem with the banks and that they were trying to give opne heart surgey to something that isn't sick.
Thus, nothing was done. Barney Frank, who is supposed to be looking out for our best interest in all this is the #1 receipent for campaign contributions from these two companies. Guess who is second...that's right Mr. Obama. guess who was his economic advisor during while he was campigning for the democratic nomination....that right Frank Rhines.
The government is great at interfering in our lives and creating these problems and then riding in on there white horse as our savior.
Most of you are blinded and can't or refuse to see that all your liberties are being stripped by back door deal slipped into this "stimulas" that was pushed through with out one congress man or senator reading it. Frankly I am suprised that more of you are not enraged by all of his broken campaign promises. So the fact that the repuplicans are finally standing on popular or not....I applaud!
It funny how you guys bash Bush for over spending and the only answer to our problem is to spend more.
Try that with your credit cards and let me know how you make out.