Wednesday, June 10, 2009

America's Toxic 'Innocence'

By Phil Rockstroh
June 10, 2009

Even as President Barrack Obama waxed eloquent in Cairo, Egypt, on the moral imperatives of the community of nations, public opinion polls released in the United States revealed that, by a substantial percentage, its citizens believe torture is an acceptable option for interrogation of suspects deemed terrorists by various U.S. governmental agencies.

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big em said...

Real interesting, unusual viewpoint -- even for the liberal/progressive sites that I regularly read. What I liked about it was that it explored the problem of the lack of self-informing/healthy skepticism by the general public in the US. We liberals write/read enough about the all-too-accurate criticisms of the conservative power structure in this country, but there's also a large segment (sometimes a majority) of the citizenry that seems to 'play dumb', vote for candidates as if their words were the unmitigated truth, and then feign outrage when the elected office-holder inevitably betrays his campaign 'promises'. There's something phony about it all...