Thursday, June 11, 2009

Two Key Health-Care Numbers

By Robert Parry
June 11, 2009

To understand the financial stakes involved in the battle over U.S. health-care reform, it’s useful to keep two numbers in mind: 50 million and 119 million.

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ETSpoon said...

Once again the Iowa Democratic Party is doing its part to keep Senator Chuck Grassely in office for the rest of his natural-born days.

The first, and perhaps only, Democrat to toss a hat into the ring for a 2010 run against Grassley is a minor party activist from Fairfield, IA, Bob Krause.

I wish Mr. Krause well, he has a snowball's chance in Hell.

cemmcs said...

The big question now is: how far will Obama and the Democrats go in demanding that the final legislation have in it what tens of millions of Americans want – a public option and a chance to escape the clutches of the private medical insurance industry

I suspect not very far but I hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

that 50 million number is very small compared to what it will be if Obama starts to tax employer provided health care. If health insurance is considered income, then employers will be responsible for additional payroll taxes. In this event, many will stop providing insurance altogether.

I have long believed that the goal of the American corporations is to get out of the business of providing health insurance. That is why they won't support single payer when it would seem to be in their interest.