Thursday, June 11, 2009

Obama Aids Bush's Torture Cover-up

By Jason Leopold
June 11, 2009

By opposing release of photographic and other evidence of prisoner abuse, President Barack Obama is furthering a long-running cover-up that has protected senior Bush administration officials who set the harsh interrogation policies that led to torture and other misconduct.

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Anonymous said...

So this doesn't even merit a dismissal? One of the more obvious symbolisms and no one wants to comment... Well, I think this action or lack thereof is very symbolic. Here we have a (p)resident who, having worked for the system, should know and have more than a passing acquaintance with the history of the Africans here in the USA. Yet, he has no qualms whatsoever about continuing the status quo, without a blink. Yet, there isn't a single word from those erstwhile defenders of freedom, those who have knowledge of the slave times, but thru hearsay and books only. Intimate knowledge, as in having been there, well not one of these ebony-glazed Nubians bats an eye nor calls Obama on it when what he has done is spit in their collective face, metaphorically speaking. Had Obama been one of those who had been recently freed, he would not have wanted to prosecute the former slaveowners, no, he would have wanted to "move on" and forget about the old, bad times, now we's all one big happy fsmily, let bygones be bygones, why dredge up past wounds?
For starters, if you have to ask why, its already a lost cause.
.........duh, people the reason is to prevent future abuses. Indeed, why should we prosecute those who were only following orders (heard that one b4,boring)to torture and gang rape children in front of their parents to make them talk. (what if it was YOUR child) They were just a bunch of f-ing towel-heads, they'll get over it... why should we prosecute those "heroic soldiers"? Well, gee people, maybe one of the most obvious reasons for doing that is if we don't, well golly miss molly, they just might get a job with your local police station! Wouldn't THAT be fun??? Of course, without the required psychological testing, meaning that the psycho freak child-rapist is now your local officer friendly. And whose daughter do you think they are going to be looking at next, now that they're back home from Iraq?....(and you always said it could never happen here! Silly you!)